About Us

Patty’s Berries and Bunches is a farm stand located in Mattituck, NY. The farm stand offers seasonal berries that can be bought at the farm stand or you can pick your own from the fields. Berries on the farm include strawberries picked in June, blueberries and raspberries picked in July and August, and blackberries picked in August. Flowers are picked daily and hand crafted into beautiful flower bunches. Flowers include peony’s sunflowers, zinnia’s, gladiola’s, dahlia’s, and cosmos, to name a few. Special occasion arrangements can be ordered ahead of time.

The farm stand typically opens for the season in June. Farm stand opens daily from 9am-6pm with U-pick ending at 5:30. Pick-your-own berries are available from June-August, and flower bunches from the end of May through October. The farm stand is closed during the winter.

Ice cream is made with our local produce with specialty flavors that coincide with what is in season.

Hope to see you this summer!

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